10 Ways to Clean Your Restaurant

10 Ways to Clean Your Restaurant

May 10, 2019 2:03 am
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Clean Your Restaurant for success. If you have a restaurant, you know there’s always havoc in the kitchen and dining areas. And if it’s a busy restaurant, there’s so much more of the same! Cooking, serving and eating food can be a messy affair, and if you want to keep the insects and rodents away, then you need to make sure your restaurant is sparkling clean all the time! How do you do this?

Top Ways To Clean Your Restaurant

Let’s take a look at all the ways to clean your restaurant and make sure it’s nice to step in!

1. Mopping The Kitchen Floors

The Masjidi al-Haram (Kaaba) complex in Mecca is always busy with pilgrims during the hajj season. Keeping things tidy and organised thus becomes a challenge. Thankfully the  staff are working round the clock! The are also efficient and have a unique way of doing things to ensure that the facility is comfortable for all. For this photo, I tried to capture the  team work and the fast motion of running & mopping.
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When it comes to commercial kitchens, one of the main areas that dirt and grime can gather is the floor. Your kitchen floor needs to be mopped one to two times daily, to ensure cleanliness. With commercial kitchens, it’s also important to have a non-slip coating since your staff is moving about and a restaurant kitchen tends to be somewhat chaotic. You don’t want to cause injury to anyone, and that’s a good reason to clean your restaurant.

2. Cleaning the Cooker Hood

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Cooker hoods tend to take most of the flak when it comes to cooking, and this is where bacteria can build up really fast. Greasy cooker hoods give a dirty look to any commercial kitchen, and they’re difficult to clean too, due to the build-up of grease. The best way to clean commercial kitchen cooker hoods is by using steam cleaning.

3. Cleaning The Refrigerators and Freezers

There’s nothing that screams of an unhygienic restaurant than a dirty refrigerator. Your refrigerator and freezers are where your food is, which is why they need to be clean! You need to switch off and remove everything from your fridges and freezers at least once a week for a deep clean to remove any excess water from meats and other grime and grease that’s within. Apart from this, it’s best to wipe down your fridge every day with a damp cloth!

4. Ensure Your Carpets, Mats and Curtains Are Clean!

A good way to get people into your restaurant is by showing off how clean and hygienic it is. To do this, you need to ensure all your carpets, mats and curtains are clean and free from stains. Launder the curtains regularly and ensure your carpets look clean and new by constant vacuuming to remove dirt and by going one step further to remove all stains through techniques such as steam extraction and high-pressure spraying.

5. Restroom cleaning

One thing’s for sure: anyone who comes to your restaurant will remember it for one thing: the restrooms! Your food and ambiance might be the best in the world, but if you have dirty restrooms, no one will be coming back for the food. It’s always important to keep an eye on the washrooms and clean them at least once per hour so guests coming in always get fresh restrooms. To do this, you need to clean all handles, faucets and even switches, since these are the most handled and thus carry the most amount of bacteria!

6. Remove Grease from Your Fryer and Your Grill

Grease in the fryer and grill is part and parcel of every commercial kitchen. However, when it tends to build up, things get messy. Excess grease can be a major fire hazard for any kitchen, which is why steps need to be taken to remove it. When you’re done using the fryer and grill, you should wipe them down with a warm, soapy wet cloth or sponge. If the grease has already hardened, you will need to soak the grills in warm water for twenty four hours to loosen the deposits.

7. Clean Uniforms

When your staff have clean uniforms, customers trickle in. If they don’t, customers go elsewhere. Staff uniforms have to be clean, stain-free and smart to attract customers into your restaurant. Get staff uniforms laundered frequently: This will help push up the grade of your restaurant!

8. Keep all tables and condiments clean

When people enter your restaurant, they expect to be seated at clean and well-presented tables. This means that your table covers have to be clean (no food lurking anywhere) and stain-free, as do all the condiments and other items on the table, such as the napkins, the tissue-holders etc. This will create a great first impression and the amazing food you serve will help cement this impression!

9. Clean your Pantry

For every kitchen, a pantry is a necessity – since this is where all the food is stored. Keeping it clean ensures that there are no insects and rodents who will get into the raw materials of your dishes – the flour, sugar, spices, vegetables and so on. Cleaning it regularly will also help you determine what’s expiring so you can either use immediately or dispose.

10. Clean Hands

Photographer: Curology | Source: Unsplash

Clean hands guarantee clean food, which is why cleaning hands should be one of the biggest ways to keep your restaurant clean! Always stress the importance of clean hands to all your staff and put up reminders on cleaning hands everywhere!

It is imperative that you take the cleanliness of your restaurant seriously. This will be the difference between success and failure. Follow our steps to ensure that you clean your restaurant and guarantee the success of your business. You could also hire a cleaning and maintenance company to ensure your restaurant is spotless on the inside and on the outside with the local landscape.

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