What Is A Blast Chiller?

What Is A Blast Chiller?

October 18, 2019 2:20 pm
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The blast chiller is a unique method of refrigeration. It is specifically designed for food preservation, as the low temperatures prevent bacterial growth in food. The blast chiller can reduce the temperature of cooked foods from 158 degrees Fahrenheit to 37 degrees Fahrenheit in 90 minutes, making it safe for consumption in the future.

What Are The Benefits Of Blast Chillers?

Numerous benefits are associated with the blast chiller. Below, we have listed the most dominant benefits restaurant owners should consider.

Quick cooldown of cooked and baked foods – One of the biggest benefits of blast chillers is their ability to quickly reduce the temperature of cooked and baked goods. By rapidly reducing the temperature of baked and cooked goods, it is easy to retain their shape as well as texture. The last thing you want at your restaurant is losing the texture of the goods you have baked or cooked. Fortunately, this is not a problem for the blast chiller.

Food preparation – Blast chillers can be remarkably useful for food preparation. In fact, many restaurants use the blast chiller to cool down pasta before they are used in sauces and dishes in general. So, freezing food is not the only purpose of the blast chiller.

Ice cream and sorbet creation – Freezing can often cause ice crystals, something that can be extra noticeable inside ice cream and sorbet. A blast chiller cools down ice cream and sorbet with lighting speed, which reduces the size of the ice crystals considerably and helps to retain the smooth texture of ice cream and sorbet.

Bringing drinks to temperature – Restaurant owners can encounter problems when they store most of their drinks at room temperature. Unfortunately, this poses a problem when a customer orders a specific drink that has not been chilled. With a blast chiller, you can get those drinks on the perfect temperature in minimal time.

Cryo-shucking – When you have a blast chiller, you can start trying out a process called cryo-shucking. Cryo-shucking is a process where you will fast-freeze food products and then let the products thaw in the fridge. By doing this, the products appear fresh and appear never to have been frozen at all.

Why Blast Chillers Are Essential For Restaurants

We already talked about some of the reasons why you should obtain a blast chiller for your restaurant, but we have not talked about why it is an essential part of your restaurant setup. The truth of the matter is that blast chillers meet the rigorous standards of restaurants a lot better. There are only so many times you can open a freezer before the food inside thaws or becomes affected. A blast chiller is different, as it can be opened many times and the food inside will not be influenced negatively.

How Do Blast Chillers Keep Food Cool?


Restaurant kitchens are characterized by high temperatures and lots of foot traffic. Therefore, a blast chiller must be able to cope with these environmental factors.

One of the ways the blast chiller compensates for higher temperatures and lots of foot traffic is through a powerful compressor inside the appliance. With the powerful compressor, the internal temperature of the blast chiller can be kept perfect. When cool air leaves the unit when it is opened by restaurant staff, the compressor will replace any lost cool air in minimum time.

Blast chillers also have powerful fans, which freezers do not. The fans also have a specific purpose, as they will cool down any stored food in an even and rapid manner. It also ensures proper air circulation throughout the entire blaster unit, ensuring every little corner of the blast chiller is covered with cool air.

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