Commercial Cooking Equipment You Need For Your New Restaurant

Commercial Cooking Equipment You Need For Your New Restaurant

January 1, 2020 5:47 pm

Operating a new restaurant is not easy and you need the right commercial cooking equipment. If you are looking forward to offering the best services to your customers, then you have to make sure that you have the best equipment. Cooking equipment is essential to facilitate food delivery.

Here are some of the most important commercial cooking equipment you should ensure are available for your new restaurant. You can use this list to buy your commercial restaurant equipment.

commercial restaurant equipment
Commercial Restaurant Equipment

The Right Commercial Restaurant Cookware

For a restaurant, cooking is essential, and you can’t cook without the right cooking equipment. That is where you have to make sure that you have the right commercial restaurant equipment. Make sure that you buy the most appropriate cookware for your restaurant that serves the food that you serve, therefore, you have to consider what type of food you will be preparing and the volume of the food.

If you are preparing a lot of food, then you need the right cookware for that purpose. That may include posts, baking pans, cooking pans, ladles, spatulas, tongs for holding, among others.

List Of Commercial Cooking Equipment You Will Need;

  1. Refrigerators
  2. Ice Machines
  3. Commercial Grills
  4. Restaurant Shelving
  5. Food Preparation Equipment
  6. Food Storage equipment
  7. Kitchen Cleaning Equipment


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There are many instances where a restaurant will need to store certain foodstuffs for a long time and preserve it. You may have vegetables or cakes or other foods that could spoil. You need a commercial refrigerator(s) for that purpose.

The best way is to gauge how much you are preparing and know the size and number of refrigerators you need.

Ice Machine Is Top Commercial Cooking Equipment Even Though It’s Not Cooking

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An Ice Machine is a must for a restaurant. You will need to serve cold drinks and on a large scale throughout time. As a result, the most important thing to invest in is an Ice Machine. It is an excellent way to help you quickly get ice bins for drinks. However, there are some precautions you need to take in regards to your ice machine.

An Ice Machine can also be good when it comes to preparing smoothies or slushies as a dessert option or extra options on a hot day.

Commercial Cooking Equipment Such as Commercial grills

Ice Machines

Another really important piece of commercial restaurant equipment is a grille. For a serious restaurant, you will need to grill burgers, steaks, or even pancakes. Commercial Cooking Equipment such as commercial grills is a must for any new restaurant. Flat-top designed grills will always work very well for a restaurant due to the ease in cleaning and the reality they can accommodate different types of food.


Shelving is another critical part of a restaurant. In many cases, you will find yourself in need of storage pans, ingredients, or even pans in large sizes and numbers. Maybe you would like to get them in your large freezer. Shelving will come in handy in such a case. It ensures that you can easily secure such equipment in the kitchen.

When it comes to finding the right shelving for your restaurant, it all has to do with your kitchen. Consider the type and size of the kitchen and its needs. Then you will be able to get the right shelving. Getting customized shelving can also work very well as you get something to suit your needs.

Food Preparation Equipment

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There are so many types of food prep equipment, and you will need for your restaurant based on what you are going to be serving. Consider the type of food you will be preparing and acquire the necessary food preparation equipment.

Some of them may include food processors. These will be ideal whenever you want to make combined vegetables, sauces, slice cheese, or even chop vegetables.

Food Mixers fall in the same category and are useful when you are making pizza, or you are baking. Food Blenders are ideal for a restaurant that needs to make sauces or back up the mixer when it comes to smaller items.

Food Storage equipment

No restaurant will operate without proper kitchen storage. You will need to store ready-made food or supplies for cooking. As a result, make sure that you have the right storage equipment based on the type of kitchen and volume you have.

Some of this commercial restaurant equipment you may be able to buy at various stages and may include storage containers of an appropriate size for storing mostly foods and ingredients. Consider having drying racks for your other equipment and utensils. All in all, you will need everything eventually and some will be more important than others.

Sheet pan racks are also ideal if you want to store and transport food easily, such as bread.

Kitchen Cleaning Equipment

Like any other restaurant kitchen, it must be clean and of course free of pests. As a result, you have to make sure that you have the right kitchen cleaning equipment and take precautionary measures against pests by keeping the kitchen clean and employing the services of a pest control company. Ensure you have the right sanitizers and chemicals that are necessary for food. This will make sure that food is safe upon contact.

Standard sink. In a restaurant, you need a three-compartment sink for health standards and code. This is the most appropriate cleaning sink for commercial use. You will also need Recycling bins and trash cans to make sure waste is well disposed of.

You can find many online restaurant supply companies to help you get the right commercial restaurant equipment for your business.

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