Commercial Restaurant Equipment

Commercial Restaurant Equipment

October 30, 2019 1:52 pm
commercial restaurant equipment
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When you have little experience running your own restaurant, or if your current restaurant is in dire need of an equipment upgrade, figuring out what commercial restaurant equipment you need can be somewhat daunting. Fortunately, we have compiled a useful guide that will get you familiar with commercial restaurant equipment in no time at all.

Commercial-Sized Refrigeration Units

commercial restaurant equipment
Restaurants Need Great Equipment


For a restaurant, you need a refrigeration unit that can cope with heavy food demands. Many things will need refrigeration on a daily basis, so buying a basic fridge will not do the job.

Investing in a decent refrigerator for your restaurant is vital. Storing food in the refrigerator will increase its lifespan. Therefore, calculate the amount of space you will need inside the unit to ensure maximum efficiency and proper capacity. If a standalone unit is still too small for your restaurant’s needs, then you can consider walk-in refrigeration too.

Since refrigeration units have evolved considerably over the years, you can expect a lot of units with extra features these days. From quick freezing to automatic ice dispensing, there is plenty of features to go around.

Commercial Restaurant Equipment Like-Sized Grilling Units

Photographer: Ataberk Güler | Source: Unsplash

A restaurant needs a proper commercial grilling unit and not just a home-style BBQ. Steaks are often put on the grill, but so are burgers and pancakes. So, your grill must be able to cater to all those different things. Ideally, you want a grille divided into various sections, where you can cook each type of food separately.

When it comes to commercial grills, you will find some specialist types too. There are dedicated grills for steaks and burgers, but also paninis and tortillas. The type of grill you obtain will depend on the food you will be serving at your restaurant. Of course, some restaurants have an incredibly big menu that will require more than one grill.

Choose your grille

Commercial Ice Machine

Keeping your entire supply of drinks ice cold for your guests is impossible. After all, you would need to cool down your entire drinks cellar. Since this is not possible, a quick cooling unit such as a blast chiller or a commercial ice machine can provide the solution.

Commercial ice machines are made to provide large quantities of ice without interruption. Evidently, this enables you to serve cool drinks without placing your drinks in the fridge or the blast chiller. Ice also proves useful to create some cocktails, which are bound to be served in some restaurants with a liquor license.

Commercial Ice
Photographer: Bryan Rodriguez | Source: Unsplash

Commercial Oven

A commercial oven is a given for every restaurant. Most restaurants have a cooker and oven combination, but there are many specialist ovens that can be selected too. Some examples include pizza ovens, brick ovens, and the like.

Photographer: Kenny Luo | Source: Unsplash

Much like your choice of grilling unit, your choice of the oven will also be subject to the food you serve. Evidently, Italian restaurants that serve copious amounts of pizza and pasta will require a regular cooker as well as a pizza oven.

Commercial Fryer

Not all restaurants have a fryer in their restaurant, but it is hard to imagine any eating facility that does not offer fried foods these days. French fries are a given in most restaurants, so a commercial fryer is a must.

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Get a quality fryer

There are some properties to consider when you shop for a commercial fryer. Firstly, you must consider the capacity of your fryer. Evidently, fries are served a lot in restaurants, so you are likely to fry many at one given time. Of course, if you do not offer that many fried foods in your restaurant, you may need a fryer with a lower capacity.

The temperature range of your fryer is important too. Not all foods need to be fried at the same temperature. So, check the optimal temperature range for your restaurant for maximum efficiency.

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