Florida Restaurant Supply

Florida Restaurant Supply

January 10, 2020 6:34 pm

Getting the right supplies and equipment for your restaurant in Florida is vital. After all, you want your restaurant to stand out for all the right reasons. To ensure you have all the essentials covered, we have provided an extensive overview of the Florida restaurant supply and equipment that is often obtained for Florida restaurants.

florida restaurant supply
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Refrigeration For Florida Restaurants

To keep in line with food hygiene and safety standards, your restaurant should have sufficient cooling available. Evidently, the quality of the cooling equipment is paramount here.

Before you can enjoy top refrigeration in your restaurant, you will need to purchase the right unit. There are various things to consider here; this includes the capacity you will require and the amount of space you have in your kitchen for the refrigeration unit.

A Good Restaurant Grill

Almost all restaurants will need a good grill. They are used for breakfast and lunch shifts, but also dinners, as they cook everything from burgers and steaks to pancakes.

florida restaurant suppy
Florida Restaurant Supply

For your Florida restaurant, you can consider a variety of grills. There are flat-top grills and specialist griddles, and you can also find grills that are used for specific meals such as Italian sandwiches and Teppanyaki griddles for Japanese restaurants. To ensure your grill provides maximum efficiency, be sure to consider the cuisine your restaurant will be serving.

Ice Unit For Cold Drinks

A good restaurant always serves a selection of cold drinks. As it is impossible to put large quantities of drink in a cooling unit at once, unless you have one of the larger kitchens with a big amount of room, you will need an ice machine to provide you with ice for drinks.

As an ice machine can provide you with an endless supply of ice, it is certainly a good idea to invest in one for your Florida restaurant. Of course, the ice created by these machines are not just used to serve cold soda, they can also be used for smoothies and slushies! Some cocktail drinks can also benefit from some ice.

Selecting An Oven For Your Florida Restaurant

Florida Restaurant Supply

When you search for equipment for your restaurant, you will need to look at some ovens as well. Naturally, the type of oven you require will depend on your cuisine. For example, pizza restaurants in Florida will require a different oven than Florida restaurants that serve American cuisine.

To ensure you have the right oven for your needs, it is always a good idea to consider your cuisine before your purchase. If you serve both American and Italian dishes for example, you may need a combo oven or two different ovens.

Don’t Forget Storage Solutions For Your Florida Restaurant!

There are many things that will require storage in your restaurant and in your restaurant kitchen. Unfortunately, many restaurant owners forget about storage when they make their first purchases for their Florida restaurant. Nevertheless, this is something you cannot forget about.

Stocking Your Kitchen With The Right Cookware

Once you have thought about the bigger equipment such as grills, ovens and ice machines, you need to consider your cookware too. After all, the right selection of pots, pans, and spatulas is just as important as the bigger equipment.

When it comes to buying your cookware, it is important to take quality into consideration. Even though you will find very affordable options out there, they do not always provide top quality. Remember, the quality will ensure that your dishes come out better, but will also increase the lifespan of your cookware. For a restaurant, durability and value for money are two very important properties.

The Benefits Of An Electronic Register

Most restaurants in Florida have an electronic register these days, and this does provide quite a few benefits. Electronic registers can provide you with an overview of sales, but also allow you to keep easy track. In addition to that, some of these registers can convey orders straight to the kitchen. This can save loads of time and can make taking orders a lot simpler.

Choosing The Best Restaurant Supply Equipment For Your Needs

As you may have noticed in our overview, there are many things to think about when it comes to the supplies for your Florida restaurant. Fortunately, you can count on Eris to deliver a comprehensive overview of restaurant supplies for your Florida restaurant. Through a combination of quality and affordability, you can use Eris to have your restaurant running in no time at all.

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