Need New Restaurant Equipment?

Need New Restaurant Equipment?

November 5, 2019 9:01 pm
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Your commercial kitchen equipment must be up to scratch to meet the heavy demands of your restaurant. So, it is not unusual for restaurants to upgrade their kitchen equipment sporadically. But when is it time to get new restaurant equipment? Or how do you know when you need an upgrade? This convenient guide will tell you everything you need to know.

Make Your Cooking Processes More Efficient

Cooking takes a tremendous amount of effort. It is therefore important that your kitchen setup is up to scratch. While conventional ovens, microwaves and freezing methods will still do the job, they will do it over a longer period of time. This is where the problem lies.

Restaurants count on speed and efficiency in the kitchen. When the kitchen equipment does not provide such qualities, it will influence the overall performance in the kitchen as well as in the restaurant itself. Opposed to a traditional microwave, staff can now benefit from pre-programmable microwaves where only a single button needs to be pressed. The same applies to more advanced ovens, which can cook food in minimal time without compromising on quality.

Technology does not stand still, and this also applies to commercial kitchens. Various automated processes have been incorporated in kitchen equipment, which can influence the speed with which food is cooked in the commercial kitchen.

Menu Improvements

When you want your restaurant to stand out from the many others, it is important to have a menu that provides something special. One of the ways to do this is by providing more exotic foods; this opposed to the standard steak and fries or the American hamburger. Of course, cooking exotic foods may require more specialist equipment, which may lead you to upgrade your kitchen equipment. Some exotic foods need to be cooked at a specific temperature or in a specialist oven. So, if you want to add such items to your menu, you must ensure you have the equipment to boot.

Repair Nightmare

Despite all the benefits upgraded kitchen equipment can bring, one of the main reasons why restaurant owners upgrade their kitchen equipment is their existing kitchen equipment falling into disrepair. If you have to call the local repair service multiple times a year, it is time to look at more reliable equipment. After all, a restaurant kitchen cannot afford to go without its equipment, as it could cost the restaurant a tremendous amount of money.

New Restaurant Equipment and Energy Efficiency

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Outdated kitchen equipment can cause some incredibly high bills for your restaurant, especially when the energy rating of your equipment is pretty bad. While outdated equipment in the home could cause a small spike in energy costs, outdated equipment in a kitchen can cause more than just a small spike. In fact, it could bring the turnover of your restaurant into serious trouble.

When it comes to your restaurant equipment, it is always advised to look at operational cost; this does not solely envelop your kitchen equipment, but also your HVAC system. Running a restaurant has a lot of hidden costs that you may not consider in the beginning, but these are some important things to take note of.

Upgrade Your Floor

We already discussed essentials such as kitchen equipment and HVAC installations, but have you considered the floor in your kitchen? Remember, your restaurant kitchen deals with lots of foot traffic on a daily basis. It can be a cause of joint fatigue for your staff members, but it could become a hazard too.

When your kitchen floor leaves much to be desired, it may be a good idea to look into some safety floor mats. Placing these mats into strategic locations can some of the joint stress away from your staff, but could also prevent accidents in the kitchen.

Check Your Glassware, Dishware, and Flatware

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Those who invest considerably in their kitchen often forget to regularly update glassware, dishware, and flatware. These items are basically advertising for your restaurant. If you serve food on plates that do not look that attractive, it will leave a poor impression with your restaurant guests.

While there is no right or wrong when it comes to choosing glassware, dishware, and flatware for your restaurant, experts always recommend choosing basic white plates; this is considered the standard for even the fanciest restaurants. So, when in doubt, why not stick with the standard so you can meet the expectations of your restaurant guests?

The Importance Of Keeping Your New Restaurant Equipment Updated

In this article, you have read how every aspect of your restaurant equipment is important. From the kitchen floor to the ovens, microwaves, dishware and even the HVAC installation, every part of your restaurant contributes to the efficiency and the attractiveness of your restaurant. So, be sure to take full advantage of the tips provided in this article, as they can make your restaurant the best it can be.

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