What Are The Items Required For A Commercial Kitchen?

What Are The Items Required For A Commercial Kitchen?

February 10, 2020 8:30 pm

The items required for a commercial kitchen can be quite diverse. As your kitchen needs to be fast, efficient and produce some high-quality foods, the items you obtain for your commercial kitchen will be an integral part of your restaurant’s success. But which items are required for a commercial kitchen these days? Read on to discover the main equipment you will require for your restaurant kitchen and how you can ensure its effectiveness.

commercial kitchen
Commercial Kitchen

Items Required For Commercial Cooling

There are items required for commercial cooling in a well-oiled kitchen. The quality of this equipment is vital, as you do not want food spoiling or be kept at an incorrect temperature. Food hygiene and safety is paramount in a kitchen, so this is one part of your kitchen you will need to pay extra attention to.

Choosing a commercial refrigerator means you will have to think about two things. Firstly, you need to consider the overall size of the refrigerator. How much space is available in your kitchen for cooling equipment? Does your kitchen have unusual dimensions that need to be taken into consideration? Secondly, you must consider the capacity of your commercial refrigerator. What is the capacity of your restaurant? How many food items need cooling at the same time? These are questions that will help you determine the right refrigerator.

In addition to a commercial refrigerator, you should also consider an ice maker. Ice makers provide your restaurant with a constant supply of ice, which can be put drinks or cocktails to put them at the right temperature. Evidently, these machines are also available in various sizes and capacities.

Finding A Commercial Grill To Fit Your Kitchen

A good commercial grill should be able to handle cooking and grilling various ingredients and/or meals. Common items that you may use your grill for include steaks, pancakes, and even good American burgers.

We must mention that the cuisine you serve can influence the type of grill you obtain for your commercial kitchen. You could also have a normal grill combined with a specialist grill. For example, Italian kitchens often have a dedicated sandwich grill, while Mexican restaurants can acquire a tortilla grill to serve their dishes. Once again, the grill you obtain is subject to the cuisine you serve.

Commercial And Specialist Ovens

commercial kitchen
Commercial Kitchen Equipment

In a restaurant kitchen, you need a good oven too. Like the grills we mentioned earlier, ovens can come in various shapes and sizes. They can also have different specialties. So, while some restaurants only need a single commercial oven, other restaurants may need a traditional oven as well as a specialist oven.

A prime example of a specialist oven is the pizza oven, which is often used by Italian restaurants. Experienced cooks can tell you that a pizza made in a genuine pizza oven has a superior taste, so this once again proves the importance of quality equipment.

Specialist Frying Equipment

Many dishes require fried ingredients, so your commercial kitchen should contain specialist frying equipment too. Once again, the type and capacity depend on the meals you will be serving in your restaurant.

Dry Storage For Commercial Kitchens

Every commercial kitchen also has dry storage. Unfortunately, many kitchens tend to improvise their dry storage, and this evidently makes their commercial kitchen less effective. So, if you are looking for items required for a commercial kitchen, you should take dry storage into the occasion. From shelves to caged units, there are many items out there that may fit your storage needs.

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